Has Your Deck Been Damaged?

Has Your Deck Been Damaged?

Schedule deck repair services in Cleveland, GA by calling Weldon's Handyman Services

If a severe storm causes damage or your boards begin to rot or come loose, you’ll need deck repair services. Don’t hesitate to call a professional—deck damage can be dangerous. Weldon’s Handyman Services provides deck repairs to residential clients in the Cleveland, GA area.

We can replace boards made from a variety of materials. We’ll make sure to match the repairs and stain to the original look of the deck. There’s no deck repair too large or small for Weldon’s Handyman Services to handle. Call us today to get a free estimate on deck repairs.

3 times when you'll need deck repairs

Sometimes it can be obvious that you need deck repair services, while other times the damage is harder to spot. Weldon's Handyman Services can help you determine what kind of deck repairs your need at your home in the Cleveland, GA area.

Keep an eye out for these three types of issues that call for immediate repair:

  1. Worn surfaces-When the boards lose their color, it means that they've also lost their protection against the elements.
  2. Missing or broken boards-An easy thing to spot. Missing or broken boards could compromise the stability of you deck.
  3. A wobbly or unsteady deck-A dangerous situation. Weldon's Handyman Services will provide quick repairs to stabilize your deck.

If you're having any of these issues with your deck, call us right away.